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Today a professional Internet presence is almost indispensable for success in business.

We make the web successfully!


Since the creation of websites for most companies is not part of the core competence we'll do it efficiently for you.
You take care of your business - we optimize your communication


Professionally built and actively maintained websites as well as the use of social media can contribute significantly to earnings growth.
tap into fast new customers and expand your radius.
So we help you increase your ROI.


We are pioneers in web development since 1996 and call ourselves "the e-business intelligence company".
We use modern techniques and methods for development which are available at your service!

Online Management Outsourcing (OMO)

Fotolia_64857777_XS-web2.jpgThe days where a single design agency or a development company or a company specializing in search engine optimization agency created a successful web presence for a company or an organization and managed are over. In today's business world, the online presence of a company, organization is always varied and complex and the demands are constantly increasing.

In order to create an effective online environment, online projects require the expertise of designers, software developers, communications experts, marketing experts, project managers and editors - in addition to the internal team. With our service "Online Management Outsourcing (OMO)" we apply the best practices and take over the responsibility for the success of the implementation and management of online measures.

OMO is ideal for many businesses because often the budget for a department is not possible and thus the human resources are not available. Examples of OMO are website programming, website design, customer acquisition, customer loyalty, increasing sales, support, maintenance, project management and reporting. With many years of experience with a variety of web projects, strategic partners and a proven network we offer WebDirekt OMO at a professional level.

How can OMO help you?

We work according to the task and requirement of the customer. The service is set up specifically for the needs of the customer. To make sure that the "Online needs" are met to meet your commercial objectives, we manage inter alia
  • designer
  • Software programming, integration
  • Online Marketing Company
  • Editors
  • Translations
  • hosting
  • and the internal team of customer

We are working on a better Ongoing basis than on a "per-project basis." This provides assurance that new opportunities are constantly checked and if they are purposeful can be implemented quickly, making the online presence of customers more effectively.

Our method is divided into 4 main steps:

1 Analysis (one off)

We analyze the existing online measures such as website, SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter, Adwords, etc., to define the priorities and show strategic opportunities.

2 Strategy and Concept (once, recurrent review)

We plan and carry with you a consistent marketing concept, which focuses to reach your target groups - whether these be addressed via its own website, search engine, Adwords, newsletters, social media and other channels. Main objectives are: customer acquisition, customer loyalty, increasing sales, higher awareness.

3 Implementation (recurring)

We write, design, program, blog, update, build backlinks to, attend social media and do project management to provide recognition - whether via website, social media, Remarketing, e-mail marketing or offline / multi-channel area. 

4 Control (recurring)

We monitor KPI, ROI and progress of the measures. For example, by means of DirectAnalytics structured data from diverse sources can be merged in a central location. You can see at a glance whether the objectives were achieved.

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