Working at Webdirekt

At WebDirekt we don't offer people a job, we offer them a career.
When we select developers we not only pay attention to their development skills, we also focus on their character;
Do we want to invest a lot of time and money in this person?
Do they have what it takes to build a career with us?
Will they be a success and become a great developer?
If we have any doubts about any of the above, we will not offer you a career with WebDirekt.
We have an excellent employment history in Pune. Many have joined us as a fresher and built a successful career as a software developer. Many have gone on to work abroad. If we select you to join us, we will offer you excellent training, careful guidance, and follow up support.
Since 2000, we have produced many great developers in Pune, This did not happen over night, or even in a one or two year period. Our successful developers made a commitment to us and to themselves. They were very aware of the opportunity we could offer them, and the skills they would develop with us. They could see that WebDirekt was an excellent company to build a career with.
We know that we cant keep our developers with us for ever. We also know that the longer they are with us, the more they learn.
If you are the type of person capable of making a commitment, we would like to hear from you.